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Cereal Supports Immunity with Great Copy
Cereal Immunity

Kellogg's is under fire for claiming their cereals support immunity - packaging copy battle looms among cereal powerhouses.

Kellog’s recent cereal box copy talking about how their cereals support immunity in children, has drawn criticism and a requirement from the FDA to prove their claims. They’re basically saying that because it has some extra vitamins in it, it’s going to help your body defend itself against illness – playing off Swine Flu fears.

The basic idea here is that anything with any nutrients is going to support your immunity – but there’s nothing special about your cocoa krispies. Kellogg’s is saying they increased the values of vitamins A, C, D and E to 25%…up from 10%.

Kellogg’s isn’t saying that their cereal is a substitute for a flu vaccination -they’re just saying that their cereal, because of the vitamin content, helps your body’s immune system.

Kellogg’s has some clever copywriters and they just got the publicity to prove it. Now people doing bits on morning news shows are forced to say things like, “Well, yes, this cereal helps your immune system because it has all these vitamins in it…but it’s not going to completely protect you from getting sick.”

And that’s all Kellogg’s is saying in the first place. No parent is buying a box of cereal for their kid because they think it will protect their kid from getting sick. They will buy it because of the “extra” vitamin content.

Other things that support your immune system are – eating, sleeping, relaxation and exercise.