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Woman on Howard Stern talks about threesome with Tiger Woods

A woman named “Karen” called into Howard Stern to talk about a threesome she had 9 years ago with her current boyfriend (a former NFL player) and Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. She said her boyfriend got upset and left her there with Tiger during the action because she seemed to be enjoying it too much. “Karen” won’t come out and go public because she’s too close with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and others. Learn more about the story here…

We’re all happy to see Eldrick “Tiger” Woods fail. Let’s face it…the guy is a dink and it has nothing to do with his affairs or girlfriends.

Oh, Tiger...look what you've done.

There’s a bad joke in there somewhere about skins play, threesomes, foursomes and playing through – but we’ll leave that to Opie and Anthony. We all know about the “Cheetah” Woods line, which “Karen” pointed out in a very unfunny way. Karen said she was drunk and didn’t remember all the details, but she did give details about Eldrick’s member. Wheat spaghetti?