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Woman Fakes Cancer for Fake Breasts

So, this girl with an awful name, Trista Lathern, pretends to have breast cancer in Waco, TX. Local radio stations held fund raisers and benefit dinners. She took donations and all that business. She wanted the money to pay for some sweet breast implants. I guess she planned on telling people that she had a rare form of breast cancer that made her breasts bigger and nicer. She lied to her husband, shaved her head, etc.

Trista Lather Fakes Breasts Cancer for Fake Breasts

This actually happened in my home town with a girl that I went to high school with. ‘Theft by Deception’ or ‘Theft by Pretend Cancer’ is what it’s called. This girl I know, Jessica, she even had a benefit spaghetti dinner for herself and had convinced her husband that she had ovarian cancer. Everything was fine-and-dandy until she got pregnant. And the spaghetti wasn’t even very good.

That just seems like a lot of work to get some implants.

Fake cancer rates in the United States are increasing every year. Fake cancer is becoming a leading cause for fake benefit spaghetti dinners throughout the midwest. Contact me if you’d like to make a donation to support fake cancer awareness.