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Mayberry Murder a Domestic Issue?

WXII News 12 is reporting suspicion that the shooting of four people in Mt. Airy this past weekend was related to a domestic dispute. The accused killer was picked up just beyond the Virginia border, which is only a handful of miles away from Mt. Airy, in a hotel.

Locally, they’ve called it a “mass murder” on the news, but I’m not sure that 4 people constitutes that label. When asked for comment, Matlock said, “I think it has to be more than eight people. So, nine or more.” Andy Griffith could not be reached for comment.

Right now, Marcos Gonzales is only a suspect, but you can rest assured that the men of Mt. Airy and Mayberry are on this one. It’d be interesting to see a remake of this show, or a spoof, where the residents deal with the influx of Hispanic immigrants. I’d be curious to see how that would go.

Four Shot Dead in Mayberry
November 2, 2009, 12:12 pm
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A Hispanic man was arrested for the death of 4 other Hispanic men behind a Mt. Airy, NC  business. For those of you who don’t know, Mt. Airy, NC is the birthplace of Andy Griffith and is literally the fictional town of Mayberry. Both Andy and Matlock are on the case.

Mt. Airy is a cute little tourist town that thrives off the Andy Griffith Show. As you walk down the main street you hear the whistled theme song from the show playing from the speakers of some of the shops. There are many diners that give you that old school feel.


I had a cheeseburger at this diner in Mt. Airy, NC - it was like touristy time travel.

For one day, Mt. Airy, NC will be known as a Hispanic murder haven where Latino men go to kill and be killed. You can be sure, though, that silver-topped men and women will still arrive by the bus load to visit one of the most, old school pieces of Americana that still exists.

As a side note, my girlfriend’s grandmother went to high school with Andy Griffith. From what I’ve been told, Aunt Mae, also from Mt. Airy, was very rude and snobbish.