Brown Bazooka

Closing the Doughnut Hole

Ever since Nancy Pelosi introduced the Dems new health care reform plan, I’ve been hearing a phrase that I never had heard before – “closing the doughnut hole.” Since when is “closing the donut hole” something that anybody wants? If you close the donut hole, then you no longer have a donut.

In fact, the word is “dough” and “nut.” It is a nut made out of dough. When you close the hole up, you no longer have a nut. And another thing, we’re talking about health care. Donuts aren’t very healthy, especially you add more “doughnut” by closing up the hole.

A doughnut without a hole is a pastry. Is that better than a doughnut? Who doesn’t love a bite-sized doughnut hole, anyway?

It shouldn’t cost $894 billion to close the hole in one doughnut.