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Someone Stole My Mexican Baby

Three doctors, a nurse and a receptionist have all been arrested for swiping babies in Mexico. Is this really necessary? I mean, there’s got to be enough to go around. That’s like stealing out of the “Give a Penny, Take a Penny” cup at the gas station.

And a receptionist? What kind of role were they playing in this whole deal? Did they have to stand in front of the nurse while she walked out with a baby under her shirt? A married couple and a woman who bought a couple of babies were also arrested – I guess for buying babies?

The doctors were telling the parents of the newborns that their babies had died while the nurses snuck behind them with the babies up their shirts – pulling the old, Hidden Ball Trick #67. When the parents asked, “Can we see our dead baby?” the doctors would simply reply, “No, you can’t. The baby has already evaporated into thin air which is what Mexican babies do when they die, leaving behind a small pile of good-smelling dust which I’ve put into this baggy.”

In all honesty, these doctors were actually telling the parents that their babies were cremated. So, my little bit about the dust really isn’t too far off.

A mother asked the doctor for the baby’s ashes or at least a death certificate October 27, and the doctor replied: “I already told you. She died. I took her to be incinerated. There’s nothing more to talk about or do. The documents are on the way.”

What do you think the price is for a Mexican baby? (Answer below)

Stolen Mexican Baby

Mexican babies were going for $1,100.