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Obama’s bow gets criticized

Obama’s getting criticized for his bow (story here). Too far, nearly 90 degrees, with a handshake. Are there rules for bowing?

Obama's bow gets criticzed.

For more fun, internet nerd-generated facts about bowing in China, by all means, click away…

Nutt Sacking in the News

Finally, a news story without all the death, violence and disease. You might as well call me Jay Leno.

From the BBC  – MPs seek answers on Nutt sacking

Nutt sack

Oscar-Winning Dirty Dancing Banned in Schools

According to a story that I didn’t read on, Dirty Dancing is now being banned in schools. If you ask me, it seems like this is too little, too late. Dirty Dancing was released more than 20 years ago when it won an Oscar for Best Cheesy Dance Movie Featuring Male Lead with Fancy Hair. That being said, I’m not sure what it’s doing in schools in the year 2009.

Closing the Doughnut Hole

Ever since Nancy Pelosi introduced the Dems new health care reform plan, I’ve been hearing a phrase that I never had heard before – “closing the doughnut hole.” Since when is “closing the donut hole” something that anybody wants? If you close the donut hole, then you no longer have a donut.

In fact, the word is “dough” and “nut.” It is a nut made out of dough. When you close the hole up, you no longer have a nut. And another thing, we’re talking about health care. Donuts aren’t very healthy, especially you add more “doughnut” by closing up the hole.

A doughnut without a hole is a pastry. Is that better than a doughnut? Who doesn’t love a bite-sized doughnut hole, anyway?

It shouldn’t cost $894 billion to close the hole in one doughnut.

The Problem with Ambulance Bills and Health Care Reform
October 29, 2009, 2:55 pm
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I always figured that ambulance bills were extremely high.

I remember years ago when I called an ambulance for my mother (who had insurance) and her 3 mile journey to the hospital cost $300 – covered by her insurance plan, of course. To me, that was rather expensive. I’d describe it as “reasonably expensive.”

So, as I sit here listening to Nancy Pelosi talk about the Dems new health care reform plan, my elbow rests on an ambulance bill for my father. He was recently transported from one hospital to another with a broken hip. It was a five hour drive over 251 miles.

The cost? $7299.50

Ridiculous? Yes.

Essentially, to me, this is where a major part of the problem rests. My father is a veteran and so this bill was picked up by the government. That’s fantastic, really – a great thing for all veterans.

The problem though, is with me. I was angered by the $7299 bill, but when I just called to tell the ambulance company to send the bill to the VA, they happily obliged – and that was that. So, I don’t really care too much about the bill anymore because it’s taken care of.

I think the same idea holds true when it comes to insurance. As long as people’s co-pays aren’t extreme, and their deductibles remain at the same rates, who is going to complain about the outrageous costs of things like ambulance rides or CT Scans?