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Pontiac Silverdome Goes Cheap – $583,000

The Silverdome in Pontiac, MI – a massive dome that was the home of the Detroit Lions during the Barry Sanders years, was sold at auction at a super low price, according to the experts. Here are the Detroit News details…

What exactly do you do with a Silverdome in Pontiac, MI? Nothing. So, why are people saying that $583,000 was so cheap?

The kick to the nuts of the people in the Detroit area – it was built for $55.7 million and just a few years ago a $20 million deal to sell it, fell through. The city needed to free itself of the $1.5 million yearly upkeep. At $10,000 an acre, the land was worth more than what the building was sold for.

What would you do with this thing?

The world’s largest homeless shelter? That’s all I got.

Dude, where’s my van? Oh, there it is!

A VW fun-bus that was stolen 35 years ago has finally been recovered and it’s in mint condition. It had been purchased originally for a few hundred dollars, and the experts now say it’s worth $27,000. “Hey, I’m a VW bus expert! Look at me! I’ll tell you what a VW van is worth!”

VW Van found

Upon retrieval, the owner immediately squirted it with patchouli and put a peace frog sticker in the back window. Actually, the stabbin’ cabin went to the insurance company that had paid off its original owner. So, right now, some AllState insurance dink is cruising around on shakedown street. Just give the dude his van back man!