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Pontiac Silverdome Goes Cheap – $583,000

The Silverdome in Pontiac, MI – a massive dome that was the home of the Detroit Lions during the Barry Sanders years, was sold at auction at a super low price, according to the experts. Here are the Detroit News details…

What exactly do you do with a Silverdome in Pontiac, MI? Nothing. So, why are people saying that $583,000 was so cheap?

The kick to the nuts of the people in the Detroit area – it was built for $55.7 million and just a few years ago a $20 million deal to sell it, fell through. The city needed to free itself of the $1.5 million yearly upkeep. At $10,000 an acre, the land was worth more than what the building was sold for.

What would you do with this thing?

The world’s largest homeless shelter? That’s all I got.

Medicated Pete’s Miserable, Tear-Inducing Date

Poor Medicated Pete! The guy was sniffling on the Howard Stern Show this morning after Dyna, the girl in the wheelchair that Medicated Pete had said he was in love with, rejected him following their first and only date. Get the recap here…

Medicated Pete practices his technique with Reby Sky.

Medicated Pete practices his technique with Reby Sky.

The audio told the story. Or, the lack of audio told the story. It was a miserable failure and a sad audio spectacle. As Artie brought up, imagine hearing the audio from your crappiest dates.

They gave Medicated Pete a little practice with Reby Sky, but he still struggled. It’s kind of hard to talk to a girl that you’re attracted to when you’re a 34 year old virgin that’s never been on a date…and you have Tourette’s – believe me, I know. Best of luck to you Pete! You’re alright with me.

Curious about Tourette’s? Check out the National Tourette Syndrome Association…

Medicated Pete Looks Past Convicted Felon and Little Person – Picks Girl in Wheelchair, then blows date

Medicated Pete, intern on the Howard Stern Show, made his choice for true love out of three interesting ladies (here’s the story). He went with Dyna, a girl with a rare illness that has bound her to a wheelchair. He opted for her, saying that he felt like they had a “connection” because they both had “disabilities.” This was disappointing to Chris, a convicted felon who did time for embezzling $8,000 from her old boss. She thought Medicated Pete was “cute.” Lila, a good-looking little person, was a little upset about the choice saying, “I have a disability, too.”

Medicated Pete with Dyna, his choice on the Howard Stern Show

Medicated Pete with Dyna, his choice on the Howard Stern Show

Turns out, Medicated Pete blew his big date…disastrous.