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Exquisite, Rare Bird Garners $250,000 – Titans Owner Gives Bird to Bills

Tennessee Titans owner, Bud Adams, was fined $250,000 for giving the bird to Buffalo Bills fans during and following the Titans victory (get the story here).

Bud Adams gives bird and gets fined $250,000

Bud Adams gives bird and gets fined $250,000

For more about the middle finger and “the bird” check out the Wikipedia entry or go to your local library.

Obama’s bow gets criticized

Obama’s getting criticized for his bow (story here). Too far, nearly 90 degrees, with a handshake. Are there rules for bowing?

Obama's bow gets criticzed.

For more fun, internet nerd-generated facts about bowing in China, by all means, click away…

Boy On 30 Year Old Milk Carton Still Missing – Milk Bad

Apparently the missing kid routine on milk cartons wasn’t too successful for Etan Platz, one of the first missing kids to find their way onto a milk carton. After 30 years, his whereabouts are still unknown and the milk has since turned to cottage cheese.

Missing milk carton kid, still missing after 30 years

If you’re interested in some great cottage cheese recipes, then here’s the book for you.

16 Cottage Cheese Recipes

16 Cottage Cheese Recipes