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Bus driver forces prayer on passengers – Still bus driver next day

An Atlanta bus driver stopped their bus in mid transit to lead passengers in a 4 minute prayer. People observed the parked bus and saw men and women standing inside, but could not tell what they were doing. Well, they were praying of course. Because, that’s what you do on a bus. Jesus could not be reached for comment.

BusRide copy

“Dear Lord I would like to thank you for this bus that I am driving today. I’d like to thank you on behalf of my passengers for the very comfortable ride. I ask that you forgive me Lord for all of the bugs that I have killed with my windshield today. Please don’t let anyone find the bodies in my crawl space, Lord.”

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Funny! Love your graphics too!

Comment by Serial Rider

I’ve noticed in recent years that it’s become fashionable to use ridcule “Jesus” as anyone seems fit; withous fear of repurcussion. Funny how those same tough guys fail to do so with the name Mohammed or anyting Muslim related. Ya know why? cus they’re afraid of the violence that will be bestowed upon them by Muslim’s. I guess violence works huh? Maybe Christians ought to use the same tactics from now on. Also the I noticed that the abusers of the name “Jesus” always seems to be in the media and have Jewish last names. Hmmmmm.

Comment by Jack

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