Brown Bazooka

Dogs, Tennis Balls, Wood Chips, Violins?

“Damnit! Every time I come here I step in dog shit…is that a violin I hear?”

And just like that the dog shit is forgotten thanks to the Violin Man sitting on one of the Bark Park’s concrete benches. Country Park just off of Lawndale on the north side of Greensboro is home to the Bark Park – a group of three adjacent dog parks where dogs and owners sniff each other and babble endlessly about the cute things their dogs do.


Ruby barks at the Bark Park's Violin Man

I’d say about fifty percent of the time when I’m at the Bark Park, the Violin Man is there jamming out with his dog named Dallas. At least I think that’s his dog. Dallas is either his dog or he’s there so often he knows all the names of the regulars. He’s pretty good, too and depending on the whether his music fits right in. Sometimes, though, I get the feeling he’s kind-of showing off and it seems a little weird. I mean, isn’t there something a little bit different about a person that plays an instrument out in public, just for the sake of playing it?

The Bark Park is a great place, though I hate the name. You get the occasional dog scrap and the mindless owner that doesn’t pay attention to their dog. Of course, even though trash bins and little trash bags are readily available, there’s an 80 percent chance you’re going to step in dog shit if you walk around at all.

dog park ruby

Ruby leaps a log at the Bark Park in Greensboro

The place is maintained very nicely and there are plenty of places to take a seat. If you’re like me then you’re going to take advantage of the walking paths to avoid the weird people that linger around and wait for you to ask them about their stupid dog. There’s no denying the Bark Park at the Country Park off Lawndale in Greensboro is one of the best places in the area if you’re a dog owner.

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