Brown Bazooka

Hot Wax

If you feel like badmouthing Scientology to Tom Cruise without having to hear his ridiculous tirades, then Madame Tussaud’s in D.C. is a place to get your rocks off. Even the wax version of Tom Cruise seems like a dink to me.

DC Wax (54)

One of my favorite pastimes is taking pictures of people that I don’t know while they are getting their pictures taken by someone else. Madame Tussaud’s is the perfect place to satisfy that urge.

DC Wax (62)

Madame Tussaud’s in D.C. was $25 a ticket and you get to freely roam the place. I’m surprised that I’m saying it, but it’s worth the money. There are some great photo ops here that will trip your friends out. Dance with Beyonce, stare lovingly into the eyes of Sam Jackson, or pet the hair of M. Ali. If you want to take a break from all the serious tourist stuff and check out something that’s a little creepy, this is a nice break.

A Backward Glance

In Reidsville, NC there is a massive antique shop called “A Backward Glance” where the items change often – or so says the owner. But that doesn’t really matter, there is enough there to bring you back even if the antiques never changed. There’s so much that you could spend days digging around.


There are two loaded floors and so many rooms. Everything is organized into categories. Upstairs there is a room devoted to glass bottles, Christmas, sports, toys, kitchen items, etc. Downstairs there are sections for books, tools, photography and video, hats, art, etc.


Some of the stuff borderlines on antique and you’d probably have a better chance finding a lot of these things at garage sales than at the Antique Road Show. But, isn’t that the fun of it all? You can tell that a lot of this stuff has been on the same shelf, in the same spot for years, and you know it isn’t going anywhere. Who cares?


Part of the pleasure of A Backward Glance is its owner; an antique man whose name escapes me while his image does not. He admittedly has no knowledge of antiques and doesn’t care to. He does, however, have the ability to tell you what he paid for every single item in his store – which is huge. All of the things in his store come from estate sales that he unloads, by himself, by the truckload. He says most stuff is bought up by antique dealers before it ever hits the floor which will make you wonder what all there could be if that didn’t happen.


A Backward Glance is located at 212 Settle St. in downtown Reidsville, NC. If you’re ever in the area it is definitely worth the trip.

Lovely Pair

Two at Chile's

Dinner at Chile’s, your best pair of jeans, and who-knows-what else. Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time.

I’m Peeing Outside! But, I’m Inside?

Check out the Porch Potty at

This is a great potty training device and it’s perfect for latch-key dogs. I’m not sure how it works with older dogs that are already accustomed to certain potty habits. You can even get it with real grass (which my dogs would probably be into) and automated sprinklers.

Creative idea – perfect if you have a puppy that you’re trying to train. Or, if you just want a weird box that has fake grass. If you’re lazy and you hate taking your dog outside, you can train him/her to pee on this box. Or, if you’ve had a couple of beers and you want that “I’m peeing outside” feeling without going outside, the Porch Potty is perfect for you.

Flight 188 Homesexual Pilots’ Hanky Panky

I’m still holding onto my original prediction even though the public may never know the true story regarding the pilots on NWA Flight 188. The FAA has announced a revoke of the licenses of the two pilots involved who are now saying that they were too busy with their “laptops” to answer any calls from officials who wondered what in the hell they were doing.

Flight 188
I have to wonder if the pilots have created a clever play on words by making the claims that they “lost track of time” while “working on their personal laptops” a.k.a., some mid-flight reach-overs. I have nothing against homosexuality. I wouldn’t be surprised if NWA was aware that this is how everything went down, or didn’t go down. Having the public find out that their pilots are engaging in sexual exploits mid-flight would be a PR nightmare for NWA.

The FAA uses the statement, “while you were on a frolic on your own,” in their explanation of their revocation. To me, there’s something interesting (and funny) about that phrasing. So, two 50 year old men lose their jobs for “frolicking” and the information that’s coming out seems a little vague. To me, it seems rather obvious what was going on.

And, for those of you that have ever engaged in any kind of romantic affair while driving, then you know how easy it is to miss a turn. Not a big deal, really.

Check out the CNN story here…